Christmas time blues

This is supposed to be the most wonderful time of the year but why is it so many people don’t feel that way? Is it the money that people don’t really have or the stress of putting on a party at the house or getting all the family together wondering if everyone can get along? Is it the weather and the fact that the daylight hours are minimal?

I sit and remember what Christmas was like when I was little and I always remember so many wonderful things and traditions. I feel like when the Patriarch and Matriarch’s of the family are no longer around the glue that held everyone together crumbles away. All of the families do not get together anymore.

I have a fourth grandchild coming and I want all the the kids and grandkids to remember good times like I do. I used to have an open house for anyone and everyone on Christmas Eve. It was my most favorite time of the year. I would decorate to the max make so much food people could take some home. I would have ornaments in a big basket for everyone to pick from and take home and through the years little by little things have changed and then Covid came and for two years I only had a small celebration for the immediate family.

How to go about creating memories again is the main question

What are some of the traditions that all of you have little or big that brings everyone together to be thankful and happy during the holidays?

Anyone not feeling themselves lately?

Sometimes it is hard! With everything going on in this world and personal issues everyone has and for some the cold weather and darker days, things can feel incredibly overwhelming and sometimes you just don’t know where to turn. Someone is always a phone call away but remember that you alone are the biggest force to get through anything and come out the other side stronger and better than you were!!


big buck down opening day of gun season 11/20/2021

Today was opening day of gun season and around 9 a.m. I got a call from my middle son Tyler telling me he got the big buck that we had been watching and had on my iPhone video when he was walking right in front of us. I looked out the patio and saw him and my husband driving right towards it. He shot the deer at 538 yearns using his Remington 6.5 Creedmoor with at Sigsauer bdx system. He was so excited that the deer dropped right away. I grabbed the binoculars and stood outside watching them. I had tears in my eyes while watching them hug each other. It reminded me of what is important and that is my family. I am not sure if you will be able to hear it in the video clip but they were laughing so loud driving to the house. My mom and dad came over within minutes and our neighbor and his son came over also. His daughter got right in there to help her daddy while mama watched them. While we were looking him over we noticed he had been in a fight. You will be able to see that 4 tine’s are missing. That gives it character they say so after looking him over We all went in and had breakfast and honestly my heart was full. With what this year has been full of today was a day that reminded me tomorrow is another day. If anyone has any hunting stories from today please leave your stories and pics. Until next time, again thank the powers that be for what we all have.

Opening day


Albino white breasted nuthatch

This sweet, rare and beautiful albino bird has been in our yard since spring. it visits so many times a day and just makes me smile. I had no idea there were albino birds.
We had an albino doe give birth to twin fawns that are mostly brown, but she is out daily also and all i think of is god’s beauty. I sit back and enjoy it for a moment and not think of all the nasty things going on. if anyone else has seen an albino bird or has pictures please share.

identity theft

As I sit here today looking out the window I see wind, snow and gloom. I feel the gloom as well when I think of identity theft and what it can do to people in this world. I recently found out that any stimulus money that we would have gotten was intercepted. I was hearing how people were not getting their money either and when they went on the website to find out any information it said to them the same thing it said to me is “there is no information on you”. Little did I know that it was because our money was gone. I have read many articles on how this happened to many many people and it makes me sick to thing that nothing can be done. The list of things that has happened to us and of course to others is endless and senseless. If any of you have stories that you would like to tell please do. I would love to talk about it and what has happened to us. Until then please enjoy your day and thank the powers that be for what you have.