Spring Fever

The sun has been out and the solor lights have been shining. Along with that the temperature has been in the 40’s.

I CAN NOT wait for spring to be here for good! Being couped up is not fun at all. The grand kids are so sick of being indoors also.

What are some of the things about spring that all of you look forward to?

Me, I want longer days, the smell of dirt, birds coming back, watching everything bloom, watching the colors of green come and walking barefoot. HONESTLY there are so many things I look forward to.

Long time away but many changes were made

It has been a while since I have been on here. When I created this blog it was for so many reasons. I wanted it to be fun and an outlet for all to join in on, a place for people to grow and learn from one another but most importantly it was for everyone to be free from every day life that just gets in the way.

Things changed in many ways and it was due to covid. I hate that word COVID. Lives changed in so many ways and not so much for the better.

I have always said that out of something bad and trying comes something good and some wonderful growth. I had to listen to my advice I always gave others and I have to say it is true. I don’t want to go into the details of all the bullshit at this time unless it would be people want to talk about. The good however is worth it.

Yesterday was my mom’s 72nd birthday and my dad made reservations at the Stagecoach supper club and he didn’t tell her my sister and I were going. She was so surprised and it was nice to see her laughing and smiling and mingling with patrons. Long story short is while she was waiting for us to surprise her she ran into a father and son who were just wonderful people she said. She wasn’t far off because when we all left at the same time they each gave my mom a hug and said how wonderful it was to have met each other. I believe she said the son was a gamer and had a blog and or podcast. I will post that information in the next couple of days. I have been thinking about getting back on here for quite a while now but something always seems to come up which I will get into in the days to come. So as I see this interaction, I realize that no matter how busy I am if talking to people through this blog even if there are only a few that see it and it is something that makes me happy I am going to get back into it!

This time I will go full speed ahead and even try to get a podcast going. I have so many people in my life that always seem to have so much to say and so many opinions even if I don’t always agree with them.

Here are a couple of pictures my sister took from last nights birthday dinner. Till tomorrow’s activities let the love and light surround you all.

full moon

It has been a while everyone! The energy level emotionally has been crazy coming into this full moon. Does anyone every feel anything coming into the full moon phases?

It is a new year and a new phase in our lives to make them what we deserve. Take some time to reflect on who and what matters in your life and who and what matters that may need to go.

van and rv life

We have talked about for a few years now possibly getting an RV for the winter months while we do not have the trucks running. It is kind of like the snowbird time of year. Then we had Covid and grandkids and that in itself makes you not want to go anywhere.

Recently we really have talked about just getting a van and making it what we would like as an RV can’t go certain places. It is very interesting on what people do for vanlife but it is pretty cool. The one thing we would have to have is a bathroom. I will not do vanlife without that at all. At that point I would say an RV would be more of what is needed then.

Has anyone ever thought of either one and if so what are your thoughts? Better yet if anyone has done either we all would love to hear the stories!

53rd wedding anniversary

Today is my mom and dads 53rd wedding anniversary!!!

I have always admired and couple that can stay together and make it work. I always wonder how some marriages are easier than others and wonder why some have to struggle. My mom and dads has always seemed easy but there have been struggles. My mom’s m;om and dad stayed married until the day the both passed and their relationshitp seems easy as well. Other relationships in my family seemed to have struggled but yet stayed together. I always admire the ones that stay together no matter what but yet I wonder why and how they made it work.

Do any of you have any stories on how and why marriages in your families have made it work because I would love to hear the stories!

fibromyalgia with all diets

Hello all, I have heard many times that when you have fibromyalgia and do the Keto or Paleo diets or any diet with no carbs and sugars that it helps with the symptoms of fibromyalgia.

Has anyone tried the diets for the purpose of relieving any health symptoms?

The problem that I am having at this point in time is the weather! I hurt everywhere with this weather and I feel so couped up!!!! Emotionally it is such a struggle even more than dealing with the muscle pain. I would love to know how people deal with not being able to go outside and enjoy anything when the weather isn’t nice enough to even go out of the house.

Alright everyone, give some good feedback on how you all get through the January and February struggles with cabin fever and for those of us who have health issues. I honestly can’t wait to hear!

keto, atkins, paleo and other low carb diets

Have any of you tried these diets and if so how did they work for you? If one didn’t would you be willing to try another?

My husband and I did try the Keto diet and it did work but I am not sure if we got into our own heads because it seems very difficult at times. My husband lost 60 lbs and I lost 30. I think I was doing the dirty Keto but the support sites and things where people put there perspective said I was doing closer to the hard Keto. My problem was the counting and the comparing and the shopping.

I have fibromyalgia and an auto immune problem and I can say that when I did the Keto the symptoms lessoned. What I should do is try one of these during the winter months because right now with the weather the way it is I can hardly move. Any how I would love to hear what all of your thoughts are and if any of you had less symptoms to your body I would really love to hear that.

silhouette photo of woman against during golden hour

midlife crisis for women?

Is there such a thing for a midlife crisis for women or is it just life in general that catches up to us and at a certain point we realize that we have reached a point in life where we look back and realize all the things that were not done that we wanted to do and experience and we also realize that half of our life is over and will we even be able to enjoy what it is we want?

I wish I knew the answer to that and wonder what you all think. What is the key to being happy?