full moon

It has been a while everyone! The energy level emotionally has been crazy coming into this full moon. Does anyone every feel anything coming into the full moon phases?

It is a new year and a new phase in our lives to make them what we deserve. Take some time to reflect on who and what matters in your life and who and what matters that may need to go.

van and rv life

We have talked about for a few years now possibly getting an RV for the winter months while we do not have the trucks running. It is kind of like the snowbird time of year. Then we had Covid and grandkids and that in itself makes you not want to go anywhere.

Recently we really have talked about just getting a van and making it what we would like as an RV can’t go certain places. It is very interesting on what people do for vanlife but it is pretty cool. The one thing we would have to have is a bathroom. I will not do vanlife without that at all. At that point I would say an RV would be more of what is needed then.

Has anyone ever thought of either one and if so what are your thoughts? Better yet if anyone has done either we all would love to hear the stories!

53rd wedding anniversary

Today is my mom and dads 53rd wedding anniversary!!!

I have always admired and couple that can stay together and make it work. I always wonder how some marriages are easier than others and wonder why some have to struggle. My mom and dads has always seemed easy but there have been struggles. My mom’s m;om and dad stayed married until the day the both passed and their relationshitp seems easy as well. Other relationships in my family seemed to have struggled but yet stayed together. I always admire the ones that stay together no matter what but yet I wonder why and how they made it work.

Do any of you have any stories on how and why marriages in your families have made it work because I would love to hear the stories!

fibromyalgia with all diets

Hello all, I have heard many times that when you have fibromyalgia and do the Keto or Paleo diets or any diet with no carbs and sugars that it helps with the symptoms of fibromyalgia.

Has anyone tried the diets for the purpose of relieving any health symptoms?

The problem that I am having at this point in time is the weather! I hurt everywhere with this weather and I feel so couped up!!!! Emotionally it is such a struggle even more than dealing with the muscle pain. I would love to know how people deal with not being able to go outside and enjoy anything when the weather isn’t nice enough to even go out of the house.

Alright everyone, give some good feedback on how you all get through the January and February struggles with cabin fever and for those of us who have health issues. I honestly can’t wait to hear!

keto, atkins, paleo and other low carb diets

Have any of you tried these diets and if so how did they work for you? If one didn’t would you be willing to try another?

My husband and I did try the Keto diet and it did work but I am not sure if we got into our own heads because it seems very difficult at times. My husband lost 60 lbs and I lost 30. I think I was doing the dirty Keto but the support sites and things where people put there perspective said I was doing closer to the hard Keto. My problem was the counting and the comparing and the shopping.

I have fibromyalgia and an auto immune problem and I can say that when I did the Keto the symptoms lessoned. What I should do is try one of these during the winter months because right now with the weather the way it is I can hardly move. Any how I would love to hear what all of your thoughts are and if any of you had less symptoms to your body I would really love to hear that.

silhouette photo of woman against during golden hour

midlife crisis for women?

Is there such a thing for a midlife crisis for women or is it just life in general that catches up to us and at a certain point we realize that we have reached a point in life where we look back and realize all the things that were not done that we wanted to do and experience and we also realize that half of our life is over and will we even be able to enjoy what it is we want?

I wish I knew the answer to that and wonder what you all think. What is the key to being happy?

snowy pathway surrounded by bare tree

79 days till spring

We have quite a few days until beautiful weather comes. My question is how many people love this time of year. I personally do not. I don’t like being couped up in the house at all. Cabin fever is so real. The cold weather does nothing good for my body so I can not wait until the nice weather comes. I hate my chickens and ducks not being able to free range as much as they do with the cold weather we are having.

To keep things a little positive I would love for everyone to say something positive about this time of year using the first letter of their name.

I am sitting here really trying to think of a word with J…oh wait how about jolly!

I can’t wait to see what you all come up with

Covid really does hit hard/

My husband and I did everything and everything to protect ourselves which turned out to be for no reason. We lived our lives like we were hermits and sometimes didn’t leave the house for days. The only time I did anything is if I went to the store and I wore a mask. Well Covid hit and it hit hard……..very hard. We are going into our 3rd week and we are finally feeling like we are on the upswing. Very weak is an understatement. I hope this upswing is something that will carry over into the new year as last year was a year I would love to forget.

Not to mention that this time of year is just hard emotionally. Winter is just not my friend. My goal this year is to get back to the days where we would be snowbirds. Some people love winter and some people like me it is not fun at all. I feel so couped up and sad constantly. My grandkids are the only thing that keep me going at this point.

I would love to hear how every single person deals with winter and what their experience was with Covid if they had it. At this point with the new year coming in I would love to have a huge support system for all.

As always Blessed be and thank the powers that be.

the love of family

Today I had unexpected time with family and it was wonderful!

After my husbands fed med Physical we drove out to see his mother only to find out that she still didn’t have electricity from the wind storms that went through. After sitting there for a bit we had her come over to our house and the saint that she is, she helped me clean. My grandson came down to play and he had so much fun. He sees his great grandma often but he loves when she comes over here. He helped clean and play and it warmed my heart with everything we have been going through. Pretty soon I see my cousin and aunt come through the kitchen bringing a Christmas card and Christmas cookies. I remember when my cousin and I would cook together every week and no with the kids all grown and mine starting their own family those things just go back to the memory bank. We stopped cleaning and talked and talked and talked all while standing in the mud room while my grandson fell asleep in my arms. I was rocking back and forth just sucking it all up.

This time of year seems as though it is all festive or hard and it never seems to be in the middle.

I wonder if everyone wishes on the way it used to be and for things to be simple again. The pole I did my last blog was for happy and festive or bumbed and it was bumbed with a landslide.

How does everyone overcome this?

Back to the good note of the day, I felt a bit better after today. Don’t every take for granted the love of family, even if you all live next to each other. Take a little time and show the extra love with a good secure feeling hug.

Christmas time blues

This is supposed to be the most wonderful time of the year but why is it so many people don’t feel that way? Is it the money that people don’t really have or the stress of putting on a party at the house or getting all the family together wondering if everyone can get along? Is it the weather and the fact that the daylight hours are minimal?

I sit and remember what Christmas was like when I was little and I always remember so many wonderful things and traditions. I feel like when the Patriarch and Matriarch’s of the family are no longer around the glue that held everyone together crumbles away. All of the families do not get together anymore.

I have a fourth grandchild coming and I want all the the kids and grandkids to remember good times like I do. I used to have an open house for anyone and everyone on Christmas Eve. It was my most favorite time of the year. I would decorate to the max make so much food people could take some home. I would have ornaments in a big basket for everyone to pick from and take home and through the years little by little things have changed and then Covid came and for two years I only had a small celebration for the immediate family.

How to go about creating memories again is the main question

What are some of the traditions that all of you have little or big that brings everyone together to be thankful and happy during the holidays?