keto, atkins, paleo and other low carb diets

Have any of you tried these diets and if so how did they work for you? If one didn’t would you be willing to try another?

My husband and I did try the Keto diet and it did work but I am not sure if we got into our own heads because it seems very difficult at times. My husband lost 60 lbs and I lost 30. I think I was doing the dirty Keto but the support sites and things where people put there perspective said I was doing closer to the hard Keto. My problem was the counting and the comparing and the shopping.

I have fibromyalgia and an auto immune problem and I can say that when I did the Keto the symptoms lessoned. What I should do is try one of these during the winter months because right now with the weather the way it is I can hardly move. Any how I would love to hear what all of your thoughts are and if any of you had less symptoms to your body I would really love to hear that.

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  1. I am convinced that activity levels are also key… calories in (diet) minus calories out (activity) should be roughly zero. We (me included) spend too much time sedentary (on our butts).

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