Covid really does hit hard/

My husband and I did everything and everything to protect ourselves which turned out to be for no reason. We lived our lives like we were hermits and sometimes didn’t leave the house for days. The only time I did anything is if I went to the store and I wore a mask. Well Covid hit and it hit hard……..very hard. We are going into our 3rd week and we are finally feeling like we are on the upswing. Very weak is an understatement. I hope this upswing is something that will carry over into the new year as last year was a year I would love to forget.

Not to mention that this time of year is just hard emotionally. Winter is just not my friend. My goal this year is to get back to the days where we would be snowbirds. Some people love winter and some people like me it is not fun at all. I feel so couped up and sad constantly. My grandkids are the only thing that keep me going at this point.

I would love to hear how every single person deals with winter and what their experience was with Covid if they had it. At this point with the new year coming in I would love to have a huge support system for all.

As always Blessed be and thank the powers that be.

4 thoughts on “Covid really does hit hard/

  1. As the warm summer night of September begin to turn colder, many start to get excited for the fall colors. Some, well they get excited for hunting. Others begin Holiday preparations for Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and even New Years.

    Myself? Well, sure I start the fall hunting prep. Waterfowl, turkey, bow and gun deer hunting. Before I know it, the hunts are over and gear is packed away. I am then faced with the upcoming holidays and holiday prep.

    While this is a beautiful time to spend with family, some things are just different. So different, that it changed the holidays for me this year profusely. Such a heavy heart for what used to be my favorite time of year. The only thing that truly lifted my spirits was my three beautiful granddaughters and my two bonus grandsons.

    2021 is also a year for me that I will not shed a tear for leaving behind. It was the worst year of my life and one I pray will never be repeated. Good ridden to you 2021 and all the bullshit fake people you sent to destroy me. You LOSE!!

    Can 2022 bring changes? Will this COVID-19, Delta, and Omnicron virus BULLSHIT ever go away? Perhaps. Measles, mumps, rubella, H1N1 of 1918 that took out hundreds of thousands of people have. But life was, is, and forever will be changed by these pandemics.

    All I know is, life is so different and for sure something that I never thought I would experience in my lifetime. Be thankful for what you have, big or little. Be thankful for your family and friends and use this time of seclusion to always remain in touch. Lifelines are imperative right now.

  2. I dealt with winter by moving further south… LOL not completely out of winter’s reach, but winters here are noticeably milder and shorter… 😉 Is that cheating? LOL

  3. And the hunting here looks as good or better. Though I’m not a hunter… Plenty of deer and turkey, anyway …

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