the love of family

Today I had unexpected time with family and it was wonderful!

After my husbands fed med Physical we drove out to see his mother only to find out that she still didn’t have electricity from the wind storms that went through. After sitting there for a bit we had her come over to our house and the saint that she is, she helped me clean. My grandson came down to play and he had so much fun. He sees his great grandma often but he loves when she comes over here. He helped clean and play and it warmed my heart with everything we have been going through. Pretty soon I see my cousin and aunt come through the kitchen bringing a Christmas card and Christmas cookies. I remember when my cousin and I would cook together every week and no with the kids all grown and mine starting their own family those things just go back to the memory bank. We stopped cleaning and talked and talked and talked all while standing in the mud room while my grandson fell asleep in my arms. I was rocking back and forth just sucking it all up.

This time of year seems as though it is all festive or hard and it never seems to be in the middle.

I wonder if everyone wishes on the way it used to be and for things to be simple again. The pole I did my last blog was for happy and festive or bumbed and it was bumbed with a landslide.

How does everyone overcome this?

Back to the good note of the day, I felt a bit better after today. Don’t every take for granted the love of family, even if you all live next to each other. Take a little time and show the extra love with a good secure feeling hug.

4 thoughts on “the love of family

  1. Very happy you had this today!! You most deserved it..
    Agree there is nothing in the middle anymore. I do wish things could be simple the way they use to be when Grandma & Grandpa were here when I was growing up they were my rocks!!

    1. I couldn’t agree more! The memories of holidays and family get together for no reason and the laughs…..oh my god. It’s hard to have that without them anymore. Love you

  2. Just remember you cannot hold the weight upon yourself that is not yours to hold. At the end of the day we are all family. We love each and everyone of you. I’m glad that our visit was able to warm you. I appreciated the laughs, the cries, and the hugs. While we are busy with our families and own lives, we definitely need to step back and make some time and new memories for ourselves. Funny, that’s something we’ve always said. I miss our time together. Happy holidays to all! ❤

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