Christmas time blues

This is supposed to be the most wonderful time of the year but why is it so many people don’t feel that way? Is it the money that people don’t really have or the stress of putting on a party at the house or getting all the family together wondering if everyone can get along? Is it the weather and the fact that the daylight hours are minimal?

I sit and remember what Christmas was like when I was little and I always remember so many wonderful things and traditions. I feel like when the Patriarch and Matriarch’s of the family are no longer around the glue that held everyone together crumbles away. All of the families do not get together anymore.

I have a fourth grandchild coming and I want all the the kids and grandkids to remember good times like I do. I used to have an open house for anyone and everyone on Christmas Eve. It was my most favorite time of the year. I would decorate to the max make so much food people could take some home. I would have ornaments in a big basket for everyone to pick from and take home and through the years little by little things have changed and then Covid came and for two years I only had a small celebration for the immediate family.

How to go about creating memories again is the main question

What are some of the traditions that all of you have little or big that brings everyone together to be thankful and happy during the holidays?

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