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As I sit here today looking out the window I see wind, snow and gloom. I feel the gloom as well when I think of identity theft and what it can do to people in this world. I recently found out that any stimulus money that we would have gotten was intercepted. I was hearing how people were not getting their money either and when they went on the website to find out any information it said to them the same thing it said to me is “there is no information on you”. Little did I know that it was because our money was gone. I have read many articles on how this happened to many many people and it makes me sick to thing that nothing can be done. The list of things that has happened to us and of course to others is endless and senseless. If any of you have stories that you would like to tell please do. I would love to talk about it and what has happened to us. Until then please enjoy your day and thank the powers that be for what you have.

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  1. I believe there is so much people need to know. So what can people do? What steps did you have to take to fix things? Can it even be fixed?

  2. Ok, so here is an example to research.

    I received a call from Amazon stating there was a suspicious purchase on my account.

    It was a purchase of of OH for a $1000 iPhone to ship to MD.

    I advised I didn’t purchase that and then they proceeded to have me install TeamViewer to update all security settings and cancel that order.

    He had access to my phone, guaranteed security, he was in my bank account trying to tell me it was for the reimbursement. Then he had me in Venmo, cash app, bitcoin, telling me it is just a way to refund my money. I had to invite one person, my daughter- in- law. So out texted venmo info to her. She was confused.

    With that said, I am still on my phone watching him go through everything he could on my phone. I kept telling him I was very uncomfortable and just wanted to terminate the call.

    No, no, ma’am, I just need a few more minutes. I could hear him typing away. He stopped talking to me. He never responded to any question I asked. Before I knew it, he ended the call.

    Saddest part about this, as it ap, he was texting my daughter-in-law staing how he missed her. How he wanted to f***her. It was awful. I’ve checked my bank account and nothing is off, but I personally know people that saw nothing strange and almost lost everything.


    Boy, isn’t that a loaded question?

    1. sad to say this is how everything starts! this is the kind of stuff that is happening to older people that have no idea what is going on only that they trust people too much. i am worried for what may happen to you in the future now

      1. I am actually in panic mode now.

        So what can a person do now? I mean all the “what if’s” What could j do now that the damage is done????

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