Why Nepali Rapper Vten’s Arrest is a Ton of Bullshit

Nepali rapper arrested

So, the Nepali police did yet another thing to add to its legacy. They arrested a rap artist. And for what? Because he used explicit words in a rap song.

Yes, the police thought that some vulgar words were enough reason to put a rapper in custody.

Nepali rapper Vten was put in jail earlier today because of some ‘offensive lyrics’ in a song called “Hami Yestai ta Honi Bro.” The video has since been deleted from YouTube.

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Nepal Police: Making Joke out of Itself Internationally

Read this status from someone on Facebook.

See, there are so many things for the police to worry about. Nirmala Panta rape case, Pappu construction worker’s scandals, Corruption, etc., etc. And what do they do? They arrest a freaking rapper.

Earlier this year, the arrest of comedian Pranesh Gautam caused international backlashes from comedians all around the world. Now see, during that time only the international society understood how clueless the governing bodies in Nepal were.

Nepal Police might be proud of itself, but in reality, it has been a huge laughing stock. Something that you honestly feel ashamed of.

Minister Gokul Prasad Baskota: Can You Listen to Vten’s Song with Family?

Well, does he even know what he is talking about? After all, the man once said he used an iPhone from Samsung company. By the way, Mr. Gokul Prasad Baskota is the honorable Minister of Communication and Information Technology of Nepal.

Yes, Porn Ban too.

Image result for hiphop is freedom

Rap music is an art form that doesn’t have any limits.

The artist can say what he or she likes, and you don’t need to listen to it if you don’t prefer. As simple as that. Just because you have political power doesn’t mean you have the right to limit an artist’s mind.

There are dark rap songs, and there are emotional ones. There are ones that say the story of a rapist, while some others that people can party to.

Moreover, let us talk about this particular track. If you haven’t listened to it, you might think it talks about murder and drugs and all that dark stuff.

Actually no. ‘Hami Yestai the Honi Bro’ is a witty lighthearted song with clever lines. In one instance, the artist says when he is in prison, he provides autographs to policemen. The song isn’t meant to be taken seriously, anyone who has listened to it understands that.

You don’t need to listen to it with your family, no! There are songs, movies, and other pieces of art that are not meant to be watched with family. Only because it is not PG-13, does it mean you are going to destroy temples that have sexual etchings in their roof?

Remove sex education from books because the students can’t read them in front of their parents. This might seem exaggerated, but see, this is a perfect answer to our honorable minister.


Nepali Parents: Our Children are Learning Bad

Sorry, but you can’t just blame the rapper. Of course, his songs are vulgar, and it is not suitable for your children to sing them. But, it is also your job to monitor what your kids are doing.

Children these days are playing video games with blood and murder, watching movies with sex scenes, reading news that says of rape, and many more.

See, you won’t find a perfect environment to raise your children. It’s the reality.

If your child is singing Vten’s songs, then it’s your duty to tell them not to. You can’t put a police case, especially when you don’t pay for the food that the rapper eats.

There are vulgar rap songs in the USA, in India, and in every country around the globe. There, rappers haven’t gone to jail.

Will the Police Reimburse after this?

With the high production value, we could say that making of the song and the video cost some lakhs. Now, as the video is deleted, what will the authorities do?

The video itself cost more than the salary of the highest posts in Nepal police.

So, can they give it back to the rapper? And also reimburse him for the money he is going to lose in his performances?

Do We Even Have Freedom of Speech in Nepal?

No, we don’t. It is plain and simple. By law, making jokes or criticizing the government will land you in jail.

The Communist Government: Do You Need Votes Next Time?

Once the Youths of this generation start voting, the communists might be out of the equation. The steps they are taking, including arresting artists and limiting freedom of speech, shows how immature they are.

Its the same government that hasn’t solved Nirmala Panta’s Case, hasn’t fixed the roads, hasn’t produced enough employment, and all in all hasn’t fulfilled even 5% of the promises they made before the elections. And still, it has made rules that civilians can’t say anything bad about it.

After all, you can’t be someone leading a country and be so much of a sore loser that you can’t take any criticism.

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