Things to do when bored in a flight


Ever been bored in a flight? Well, I’ve been. Even though we think the technologies won’t make us bored but actually it does. You can see multiple people sleeping with ease and some just arguing with the hostesses. These events may annoy you a lot but we are again here with some tips to make your flight time phenomenal.


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Flirting with hostesses is always a counter tip to make your flight fascinating. The first requirement of being an air hostess is to have a beautiful face and body. Keep on flirting and asking things with her. Some of the tips ask her for some comics, ask her that the airplane headphones ain’t working, ask for some beverages.


Seeing people sleep bores us a lot and when you are in flight it’s more exasperating. You can enjoy by disturbing their sleep and clicking their photos. (Remember this site is only for bullshits) So you can disturb them throw papers on them, shout loud by pretending to vomit, start singing aloud.


Some flights provide you playing cards, you can ask for someone to play with. It really makes your time wonderful. Because you’re not the only one who can get bored there. Luckily if two people who’ve read this blog and happen to be on the same flight then they are going to have one of the most unforgettable moments in their entire life.


The PTVs really doesn’t work sometimes, this is such an irksome moment. You need to find a TV or need to get it repaired but it is so boring. Flights really don’t offer things qualitative sometimes. You can have a fake fight with the authorities and gain people’s attention.

Keep on going washrooms since you have nothing to do and no one really cares about your existence. Just think as if you were alone, do things which don’t bore you because the flight attenders are nothing but a side chokers for some hours, but you are something else and you really care about your own happiness. Have a great life and if you still make your flight boring after reading this then you are nothing but a piece of shit. Thank you and love you all.



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