Emoji’s,How people use it?

Emojis have been one of the prominent ways of communication on Social Media. basically, it makes everyone easy on social media to interact by not making people type messages. But emojis are always not used accordingly. Some people use it because they like it, some have a habit, some try to show that they know how to send emoji. According to the research done by our experts, we are here with the types of ways by which people use it. The research is really different this time.






We’ve seen some people repeatedly using the same emoji in every condition, these type of people have a reflex action on their keyboard with their fingers as they consecutively. No matter what the situation is, the trademark of these people remains the same. They don’t care about anything. Nothing counts for them.






Some humans don’t even type, what they do is only the emoji thing. Eat emojis, Drink emojis and Breath emojis, this is the motto of their life. They are prior to the emojis on the keyboard rather than letters. Emojis sometimes led to confusion because of the misjudgment of the one who’ve sent. Once one of our expert’s grandmother died and his friend replied with a laughing emoji. Even though it was a mistake that really makes a bad impression. This habit really requires an ending.



Some don’t use emoji and they complain about other people who use emojis for using emojis with them. That’s not a sign of greatness or any sort of different vibes when you don’t use emojis. That’s just you not being known to the modern world and you don’t know new technology. Some people claim themselves mature just because they don’t use emoji. Not using emojis never mean that you are great.




And almost most people use emojis properly. This is good for us and the whole digital world if we all use emoji limitedly. This is what we all want in this world not only emojis literally everything should be done in limit so that we can live happily with the HDI’s of all countries being same and no rank in happiness in this beautiful world, Thank you.

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