Origin of Ghosts, A conspiracy

Meanwhile, I bet that you are not scrolling down your device at midnight after you saw something written above in the title on a bold letter. Ghosts are something about which some people believe and some don’t, those who don’t they aren’t allowed to move their eyes further below but those who do, Did you know where do they come from? Actually, nobody knows. But after some researches are done by our experts here we have some theories on ” Origin of Ghosts.”

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The Tunnel Theory

Some experts say after humans die they are likely to pass through some tunnel. Those who don’t pass that tunnel are always stuck there for a long time. They came into real human life like ghosts.

The Simulation Theory

This one is pretty epic because many concepts are required to deduce this theory. Some theories say we are a computer simulation(someone is controlling the whole universe in a computerized system) if we are a simulation character might be the simulators would’ve created some mysterious creatures or the alter-ego of dead humans.

The Funeral Theory

Experts say those dead bodies whose funeral hasn’t been done are likely to be ghosts. They beg for what they deserve(funeral) even after their death.

The Revenge Theory

Some people sacrifice themselves in revenge so passionately that they die because of this and can return from their death too. So many horror movies are based on this theory.

This is the theory every people can guess.

The Asset Theory

People are supposed to come back from death when someone tries to destroy their asset for which they have sacrificed their lives for like houses, cars, etc.

The Energy Theory

This is the most relevant theory on ghosts. Science says this universe consists of two things (Energy and Matter). Humans are supposed to lose their energy when they die and the energy dissolves with the cosmos. Those energies which are fully dissolved disappear but some energies become heterogeneous. Those heterogeneous energies are supposed to be called as ghosts.

So, After a long sort of research, the above theories are some of the effective theories on the origin of ghosts. The content was only possible due to the research of highly intellectual people which is beyond the capacity of normal people like you.

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