Things to do when you wake up as a vampire

What happens if you wake up as a vampire? We will give a guarantee that it’ll consume your whole day thinking about the things to do. But we are back again to save your day and let you do what other people in this world have not been able to do. For those who don’t even know what vampire is, you aren’t eligible to read further ahead. And for you, here we go with the tips.

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Scare People

You’re the first vampire of mankind, you are supposed to spend some hours against normal people. Well, Who doesn’t like the moment when everyone is scared of them? Obviously, Everyone does. We assure you that there won’t be anyone to battle against you.

Make some Robbery

Are you a human? Obviously, not. Police are only for humans and if you are no longer a human then go and start. Remember, you are Vampire for a day and on this day you are supposed to steal things which you need for the rest of your life.


Remember your life up to here then make a list of people who’ve bullied you, troubled you and rejected you. It’s your time now, go and beat the heat. A big sort of relief is the thing you’ll get after this mission is complete.

Enjoy weed

You are not a human and nobody is gonna stop you if you do illegal things.Do this too. Go and enjoy the high moment freely and enjoy when there’s no one to stop you. You can force people to do this too.

Enjoy some Visaless flights

Will, there be anyone to stop you? Obviously not. Enjoy some flights and get some relief when you are doing things which other people in this world cannot do and won’t be able to do. Enjoy as much as you can and don’t forget to thank us too.

You can marry the girl you like, go inside the coke factory to see the secret coke formula, meet the celebrities you want. Multiple choice options are there for you. The above tips for you is a small help to make it the best day of your entire life. Thank you and Good luck.

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