Four best ways to impress your crush when you are ugly as fuck.

Well, every single fool is here for some tips and we assure you that the tips below actually work. Being in a relationship with your crush is life and dream for everyone some boys who are handsome can achieve this but not everyone can. From a really impacting experiment from great researchers, we’ve included some lists below as per you are gonna get out of this stress. You might feel unlucky coz you’ve born ugly but you surely will feel lucky enough when you get to know such impactful tips.

(we divide girls into two categories,[“beauty before heart” and “heart before beauty”] and beauty here means money, luxury, popularity and all.]

Make Money

Making money attracts most of the girls, this is a universal truth. This might be the best possible way to literally attract girls, simply go in front of her with luxury attire and see the magic. Buy a good car with some luxury things to show off, you’re done. But make sure she’s not a rare piece who generally follow “heart above beauty.”

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Come up with admirable feats

Score good marks in exams, win sports tournaments, win music tournaments and so on. Some of your crushes will start admiring you and the achievements you’ve done. This is applicable to all types of girls.

Help her in solving problems

How can I help her in solving problems? This question might arise within you. Well, we don’t know who your crush is but you know your crush properly because you’re the same guy who’s been stalking her profile multiple times a day and trying to find something new about her. So, it’s your turn to find out her problems and try to solve them too.

Take help from friends

Actually, friends are always worthy. In this case, too they are gonna get proven important. The best thing to do to impress her is the following steps,

  • Firstly, ask your friends to start harassing her.
  • Now you go and interfere with the harassment process.
  • You are supposed to beat your friends as per the scripted plan.
  • Then make them get away from there.

Then we assure you happy love life.

Amongst the above four, you can start with any one of those to make your dream come true. Some other options you can follow use of high makeups, make hairstyle and show fake qualities,etc.

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