How to look genius when you are stupid as fuck?

I am so sorry that you are stupid. You are a worthless idiot on the internet trying to find ways to pretend to be a genius.

Well everyone likes to be called a “genius.” For those who deserve it, it is not mandatory you need to read the tips below. Anyway, for others, it is compulsory if you want to live a good life. We have gone through extensive research for the stuff we are going to recommend. This is going to be the best article you’ve read in your entire life. Read it carefully. (Note: This is tried by highly trained professionals, so you need to be careful.)

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Look Messy

Normies believe that intelligent people don’t care about their hairstyles.

Additionally, they don’t seem to be bothered by the dresses they wear and other components of a ‘good looking person.’ All you need to do is to hang around with a messy compliment and pretend like don’t care what others say. The process begins within you, and slowly, people will start admiring that you are a genius thing. The quality comes with looks these days, not with the mind.

Pretend to read books

I will tell you a story. One day, I was traveling on a long journey on a bus, reading a book. A woman, who was right beside my seat told her little child to ‘be like that brother who she grew up.’

Nothing is easy in this cosmos. Following the same truth, you need to pretend that you are reading books and you act like you are going deep through the lines. This will make everyone around you start whispering, “Is this how genius people learn?”,”Oh my gosh! Look at him, how intelligent he is.”Also, you will be famous among the people around you, and they will remember you every time because you are different from others. Might be you’ll learn something while pretending which can help you. So it is a two-way beneficial tip.


Ignore invitations to parties

Well, partying is one of our hobbies. However, on the verge of being a contrasting human, you will need to sacrifice your wishes. This makes you look more different than other people, and they will see a certain intellect in you which you never had. It shows how you don’t value wasting time and they’ll start to see different human behavior in you which genius people are supposed to have. So, stop going to the parties if you really want to become a genius.

Have a Seat on the Park With a Book on Your Lap and Put your Hands on the Chin like this Man in the Picture

You look like the 21st century Newton about to discover the ways to fight thots.

Stay Quiet most of the time

Silence is a genius quality. Oh, how I wished my girlfriend read this article. (I wrote it only to sound funny. I don’t have one, so girls hmu).

So here is the wrap-up. Following the above measures, even the most stupid humans get the tag of genius. But remember, the steps should be followed carefully. Otherwise, your aim might not be successful. The tips are handy for you. Being called genius- it isn’t that hard, is it? Till this moment it was, but now anyone can be genius.




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