7 Ways You Can Survive a Zombie Apocalypse

The zombie thing is obviously one of the most feared concepts in the world. Almost everyone in the globe is familiar to this blood dripping, gross, and ugly vile creature which bites our dear humans to make them turn into it.

You are afraid of zombies too, aren’t you? Well, you need not worry.

Since we’ve always been taught that prevention is better than cure, we recommend you some things that you can do to ensure your safety during Zombie Apocalypse.

See what to do when you see a Ghost

Act like zombie


Acting like a zombie will not make them attentive to you. The indirect vision through their eye might see you like a zombie creature which won’t magnet their attention, and they will assume you are just like them. Furthermore, we recommend you to buy some Zombie masks and keep them in your first-aid box.

Bite the Zombie

When Zombies bite us, we are supposed to turn into a Zombie. Why don’t we reverse it? What if they turn into humans after we bite them? This can be one of the finest ways of ensuring yourself safe at the time of a Zombie apocalypse.

Run Away

The easiest method yet, running away would have been the most probable option everyone would follow if people hadn’t read the tips given by us. It is not bad either actually as humans definitely have better acceleration than Zombies.

Try killing them

It might not be easy, but your survival is essential. Try killing them with the weapons you have which might help you survive during the Zombie Apocalypse.

Act  dead

Pretending you are gone, there is not much possibility of being on a Zombie’s attention. This boosts up the endurance in such a disaster. However, a small mistake might cost you a lot while pretending yourself dead.

Help  Zombies on destroying mankind




Help Zombies in making their campaign successful and see how they treat you. Maybe they’ll leave you doing nothing or treat you well.

Enjoy Weed with Zombies

Provide them weed and witness the magic. Lol, however, I wonder how zombies will act while they are high.

So, these are some of the major tips on surviving this apocalypse. Some other ways for the success of this mission are going into the water, destroy them with explosives, make them drunk, dancing with them. These are the best tips on how you could survive such a disaster.



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