10 Amazing Tips for You on How to Be Dank Af

10 Amazing Tips on How to Be Dank Af

How to Become Dank AF: Follow These Steps if You Are Willing to Be Dank

Hi Guys. My name is Spenisha Ndvagina. I dropped out of college two years ago. I am very dank. Today, I ate cereal and milk for breakfast. Becoming dank af has been a wonderful journey for me, and it can be the same for you. All you need to know is how and where to start. Today, we teach you ten steps that tell you how to be dank af, which will be very useful for you.

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Go to Sleep Early and Wake up on Time

The first step to being dank af is going to sleep early, and waking up on time. Health is the best wealth. If you are not healthy, you will become immune to various diseases. Catching diseases is not a wonderful experience, and you cannot be up to your fullest. If you are not your 100% at all times, being dank is just a dream for you. So, have a fixed schedule for sleeping and waking up, and make sure you get 8 hours of sleep every night.

Brush Your Teeth After Every Meal

This is very important. You can’t become dank with yellow teeth. You need to have shiny white teeth. Brushing your teeth after every meal also keeps you away from dental problems such as cavity, tartar, bad breath, etc. Also, think about your friends. You will not illuminate a very positive vibe to your surrounding when your teeth has food stuck on it and your breath is stinking.

Make sure you brush your teeth up and down and round and round rather than sideways. And keep a note about the toothpaste you are using. There are tubes of toothpaste that come with varied specialties, so choose one that suits your special needs.

10 Amazing Tips on How to Be Dank Af

Go to School Every Day

Let us face the fact- no matter what people say about the school, school is still the best place to learn new things. This tip is especially for the ones asking how to be a dank meme lord. To become a dank meme lord, you will need to make sure that you are creative. You need to know about many things about science, maths, music, sports, etc to expand your knowledge, and thus going to school will help you with that.

Respect your Elders

While I was still aspiring to become dank and I was not yet, I used to look for how to be dank in sites such as wikihow. That is when I got seriously disappointed with that website. They missed out the most important tips on how to be dank, most of which I am giving to you, but they even missed this.

Ask everyone who is dank, they respect their elders. They know that older people have seen the world more than them, so they love spending time with their seniors and having fun with them.

Say no Homo after Sucking Your Friends D***

This one is for the ones who are asking for how to become dank and those who do this. Well, if you are gay, then congratulations, you are dank even if you do not say “No Homo.” But, if you are not gay and don’t say no homo, you can’t call yourself dank. So, if you are asking how to be dank af, one of the most straightforward way for you is to remember the magic phrase.

Take Bath Regularly

You should be willing to bathe regularly if you are really serious with the idea of becoming dank. Use good soap, and make sure to use hot water when it is hot, and cold water when it is cold. Clean each and every part of your body thoroughly; ensure that taking a bath is not only about spilling water on skin.

You are fighting germs while you are taking a bath, so you need to act like it. Take your time making your body clean, and doing it everyday, you will be very dank.

Punch the Wall like You are the Boss

Everybody asks “how to become a meme master”, but nobody asks, “how to become a tough meme master.” I see this is the most disappointing thing when we are talking about beginners. You will need to be willing to devote your time in creating a strong fist if you want to create amazing memes which are dank af.

So, every day, after waking up, bathing, and drinking bleach punch the wall as hard as you can. Repeat this step for at least 10 times with both hands. Well, it might seem stupid for some reason, but trust me, after some time you are going to realize how helpful it will be.

Don’t Talk while Eating

Don’t forget; you should not talk while eating. That is gross. Give yourself some time while eating food. Enjoy it, and don’t chew fast.

One problem with people these days is that they think eating is all about putting food inside their mouth and pushing it into their stomach. No, that is wrong. You need to make sure that your food digests well. So wash your hands before the meal, chew your food properly, don’t drink water for 30 minutes before or after the meal, and avoid laying down after drinking water. You are what you eat, so try to eat healthy vitamins than junk food, while might slowly kill you and prevent you from being dank af.

10 Amazing Tips on How to Be Dank Af

Smoke Only Good Weed

I have heard many talks on the streets. And also, on family gatherings. I can hear people frequently ask themselves, like “how did Spenisha Ndvagina become so dank?”

If what you smoke isn’t what you should smoke, you are just a wannabe. Ones who are with that fake a** style can never be dank.

Ask your dealer where he gets the kush from, and if ask him how he can say to guarantee that the thing you smoke is actually the best herb available at the moment. If yes, then it is fine, but if not, dude you are done. You should already change the place where you get the weed on, and start smoking better things to commence being the dankest person you have ever known. And if it helps, you should also check 10 most creative things to do while high.

Well, these were some tips on how to be dank af. Tell us what you thought about it. Also, contact us if you are willing to pay us for no reason.

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