10 Never Talked About Fun and Creative Things to Do while High

10 Never Talked About Before Fun and Creative Things to Do while High

Here Are the 10 Most Unique Things to Do While High for Fun10 Never Talked About Before Fun and Creative Things to Do while High

Fun multiplies when you are high. Especially, when even weird things start to get funny. Let us skip the formalities; here are some ridiculously fun and creative things to do while high.

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Look in the Mirror and Make Funny Faces

Looking in the mirror might not be very creative, but trust me- you are going to have the best time of your life. When you are high and look at yourself in the mirror making funny faces, you will be laughing your ass off like you are watching the best comedy movie in your life. As a side note, you could also gaze at yourself in the mirror for no reason as you stand still. Look deep into your eyes and I swear you will never feel more relaxed than that.

Perform Self-Hypnosis and Visit a Past Life

I am not joking. You can easily get hypnotized when you are stoned. There are countless videos on YouTube which claim to take you to your past life. What you actually do is listen to one of those videos with your earphones, lie down on your bed and close your eyes. As the person speaks, he/she tries to hypnotize you and most probably, you will be. You will start seeing vivid images of your ‘past life’. An amazing experience for everyone.

Open the Fan Put it in Front of You and Wave Your Arms

Close your eyes as you do this. You will feel like flying. And if it helps, try to imagine you are in the sky. See the blue sky in as much image as possible as you move across the clouds and wave hi to the passing sky gulls. You will also be able to witness yellow rays of sunlight piercing down through the clouds. And as you stare below, there’s the gleaming blue sea and you can see people playing on the beach.

Give Yourself a Mission

This is for the ones who are seeking an adrenaline rush while they are stoned. You give yourself a mission. It doesn’t have to be much, maybe it would be to call someone you know and talk to them normally. Or, it would be to go to a nearby store and buy something and come back home without letting anybody know that you are high. But know your limits, we are not telling you to drive while you are high. Giving a mission to yourself would be somehow risky, but as I said, this one is for the tough-hearted.

Go for a Roller Coaster Ride

This one I found when I was looking for exciting things to do when high on Reddit. It makes a lot of sense, actually. A roller coaster ride while high is definitely a splendid idea, and it is an experience that only a few think of getting. People are constantly looking for things to do while high, and many times tend to miss out on something like this.
Anyway, if you think roller coaster while high is extreme, you still have an option of a swing. You can start with it and gradually promote yourself to more exciting situations.

Visit a Museum

Okay, this might not be the answer for those looking for things to do while high alone at home, but trust me, you won’t regret it. I don’t know what resides inside you while you are high, but you happen to embrace art like never before. You know how precious the curiosity of a child is, don’t you? Well, you will feel as if you have a fair share of that when you go to a museum and start being wowed by every little thing you see. Also, you learn more than ever before. So, visiting a museum while high is one of the best ideas we can give you.

10 Never Talked About Before Fun and Creative Things to Do while High


Roll Roll

Roll on the ground. This one is for you especially if you are in the countryside or can give yourself some freedom in a wider area of grass. It works the best on a bright sunny day. You lay on the ground, stretch your arms up and clasp them together, and slowly start rolling on your sides. Well, yes, you need soft ground, but you can manage to find a place like that, this can be super fun. I haven’t tried it on the beach, but I think it works there too.

Remember How Fun Jumping on the Bed Used to Be?

One great thing about being stoned is that you start finding fun in every childish thing that you do. You already know what I am trying to say here. If you are high and have a soft bed, then it’s a bonanza. Jumping on the bed used to be one of the funniest things you did as a child, and you can expect the same when you are an adult. While jumping, make sure you stretch your hands out. Weed is many times about freedom, and the freer your muscles are, better you feel.

Listen to Fart Sounds on YouTube

It doesn’t necessarily need to be fart sounds. You can listen to any other funny sounds on Youtube while high. Anyway, if you want to keep yourself entertained while stoned, fart sounds are whole another level. You will laugh at the first sound, and then forget why you are even laughing. And after that, there’s another sound of the fart and you will again have a confused grin in your lips. All in all, listening to fart sounds might not be what you prefer to do when sober, but you must try doing so while high.

Watch a Magic Show

I don’t think I even need to explain this. Watching a magic show is the tenth one among the things to do while high alone. You could visit a real show, or just watch magic on the internet, doesn’t matter. All we are trying to do is get you amazed. Surprises while being stoned are the best ones, and when you watch a magic show, you give yourself that.

Well, these were the ten best things to do while high. What do you want to read next time? Write in the comment below, and we will help you.

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