Its a Definite Yes! With These 7 Unique Genius Proposal Ideas

7 Most Unique Genius Proposal Ideas for Marriage in 2019

Some Genius Proposal Ideas for Marriage that Will Make Them Say Yes

7 Most Unique Genius Proposal Ideas for Marriage in 2019

Forget about simple ways to propose. If you are reading Blogs of Bullshit, we will teach you some of the great ways to propose for marriage such that your lover just can’t say no. As you can see, marriage is a very important association. The idea of marriage, where two people decide to be together for the rest of their lives, is more than just wonderful.  So, while proposing for a marriage, you should propose to them in a way that no one has ever proposed before. Let your creative juices flow- here are some never used before genius proposal ideas that you can use to propose to your lover.

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Throw Away All the Things in Your Apartment While They Are Sleeping

When they ask you what happened, tell them why would you need old stuff while you are starting a new house.

You make perfect use of your wit and metaphors on this one. The one who is being proposed will be in tears. The person will definitely say yes, as they will see how keen you are for creating a new life for yourselves.

Break Their Phone

Of Course, they will be angry with you at first, but you answer to them this.

“I want to be the only name that you ‘call’ for the rest of my life. Marry Me.” People haven’t realized that breaking someone’s phone to pieces is one of the best ways to propose for marriage. Well, it is not the idea of you breaking their phone, but what you say after you break their phone.

Break their Most Valuable Item.

When they ask you why you did it, tell them it is because you want to be the one who wants to buy them their most valuable item.

Because You Want to Marry Them. Don’t forget to buy the stuff again. Because with this post we do want to give out free genius proposal ideas for marriage, but we don’t want anyone to be left heartbroken. Anyway, this is the way for you to go if you are looking for the best proposal ideas at home, and this is going to put you in their hearts for the rest of their life.

Set Your House on Fire.

Your partner will say yes without even realizing it.

You build a new house after setting your house on fire. As your loved one has nowhere to go and you have a new house, ask them if they want to marry you.

When They Are Sleeping, Take Scissors and Mess Up with Their Hair.

The most attractive even when they are ugly

If you’re looking for some private proposal ideas for home, this is your answer. The next day they wake up, they will be mortified. But even when they are angry, tell them this. “I wanted to know how beautiful you would look when you are the ugliest. I see that even when you are ugly, you are the most beautiful girl/boy I can ever see”.OMG!! How romantic is it? Try it already, will you?

Adopt a Donkey.

To be frank, this is one of the best genius proposal ideas in our arsenal.

Donkey is a large animal. While adopting a donkey, paint on its right side. “Marry Me”.  When you are revealing to your partner you adopted a donkey, face the donkey to the left. Your partner won’t be able to see the proposal at first. Of course, they will be excited and glad that you brought a pet. And when they run towards the donkey trying to pat it and cuddle with it, they will also see the other side while inspecting it. This is when the magic happens. They will see the proposal inscribed in the donkey’s body, and there you multiply their happiness.

Reach Out to Your Country’s President, and Tell them to Inform your Partner That You Want to Marry Them the Next Time They Make A Speech.

Isn’t it great?

This is one of the most memorable proposal ideas we could think of. This might be a lot of hard work, of course, but if it goes down you will be a legend for life. So, these were some genius marriage proposal ideas.


Well, if you made this far, you now have realized that this site is supposed to be a funny blog. It is either you are seriously pissed off, or you are embracing us as one of the funniest websites in the world. Whichever be the case, you could actually follow one of the above proposal ideas and become a part of one of the worst proposals of all time.

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