4 Reasons You Are 24 and Single for Both Guys and Girls

4 Reasons You Are 24 and Single for Both Guys and Girls

Why Am I Single for Guys and Girls: 4 Reasons You are 24 and Single Girl or Guy

4 Reasons You Are 24 and Single for Both Guys and Girls

“Why can’t I get a date with a girl?” Or, “I am pretty but can’t get a date.” Valentine’s day in 2019 is over and you are still single. All of it sucks! You have no one to share your feelings with. You have no one to go out with, while your friends are doing many special things with their loved ones. It is obvious that you want to act as if you don’t care, but you do. And adding on to your problems are your ‘future wife’ or ‘future husband‘. There’s a huge possibility that they are with someone else. I am not necessarily saying your future spouse is sleeping with someone else, but you “can’t” say that they are not sleeping with some else. The same goes for your crush. They text you all day when you text them, but they are with someone in the night. And that’s not you. Your ex whom you still are in love is also kissing someone on the tongue. Being 24 and single girl or guy hurts, right? Well, here are some reasons that you are 24 and single.

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You Are Ugly as Fuck

Dude come on. Look at the mirror. What do you see? What is that? Donkey buttocks? Forget for a moment that you are you and then look at yourself again without you being you and then there’s your answer. Even a chimpanzee looks better than you. To get a better idea, open your front camera. Now tell me, do you still expect someone to look towards your way?

Some people say that looks don’t matter but Ha-ha, attractive people say that. Don’t be delusional, you are ugly and that’s all. You are ugly, and this is your answer if you are asking, “why can’t I find a girl who likes me.’ Instead of that, ask yourself ‘why don’t I like my own face?’

You are Broke (Especially for Guys)

Girls will be girls and girls love riches. Didn’t mean to offend anyone there. Dude, life is not a movie. An angel won’t fall from the sky and tell you that all she wants is you and not your money. Especially when the first condition of you being ugly as fuck applies.

If you want a girl, you need to work hard and make money. How can you even expect to take out a girl on a valentine’s day date when your wallet doesn’t have enough to buy yourself some bleach? What is going to give her for valentine’s day gifts? Your ‘unconditional love’? She will feel sorry for you. So, instead of looking for valentine’s day ideas for her, you should rather be focusing on looking for ways to become rich. Or more accurately, learning how to live entire life broke and getting over the feelings of you ever having a girlfriend.

Most Girls Prefer Cool Guys and Guys Prefer Hot Girls

Can any guy get any girl? The answer is “no”.

Well, the problem is with the girls this time (or the guys). Here you are; an ugly, sad and broke dude, but girls want guys who are attractive and have something to do with their lives. You have grown till now with no aim whatsoever, and you are even ready to promise that you will have no clue about anything if a relationship does happen. So, if she rejects the relationship, it is her fault. Not yours.
So instead of asking “god why am I still single at 30”, or “why am I still single at this Valentine’ day”, you should rather be happy that you haven’t ended up with girls who don’t deserve you. They are not unlucky enough to end up with a jackass like you.

You Are Already Dead

Dude, how do you even expect to get a girl when you are already dead? What is she going to do? Piggyback your corpse around the mall and put you down on the chair and breathe a sigh as she wipes off sweat from her face before getting a coffee? How is she even going to talk to you? Murmur to herself facing at your dead still eyes? Getting girls is not hard. Only the previous worthless people who were ugly and who are broke don’t get girls. But look at your brother. You might have lived a great life. So, don’t bother just rest in peace. I know it hurts but its time for you to stop.

What To Do if you Can’t get a girlfriend?

Our scientists at blogs of bullshit have been getting questions like ‘why do I never get the girl?’ So, they sat down for a little research to help everyone who can’t find girls they are interested in. After years of research, we have come up with some tips if you can never get a girlfriend.

What to do if you Can’t Get a Boyfriend?

We have heard many say, “I am 24 and single, should I be worried as a girl?”. Well, we say not, especially if you are a girl. There are desperate guys everywhere, and they will think its flirting even if a girl says “hi”. And don’t ask me about that ‘right man’ bullshit. I am a single man myself and I don’t have any idea what I am saying to you.

Well, that was it. These were the major four reasons that you are 24 and single, whether you are a guy or a girl. Need more help? Contact us, we will help you. Also, add on some more reasons why dudes are still single in Valentine’s day 2019.

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