5 Things to Do When You See a Ghost to Become Safe

5 Things to Do When You See a Ghost

What to Do When You Encounter a Ghost? FAQ: What Do I Do When I See A Ghost and Not on A Movie?

It might unfortunate, but it happens. All of us see ghosts sometimes. Of course, I am not talking about your ex. You happen to see a scary ghost, which is prepared to kill you and eat you. The thing appears out of nowhere, especially in the dark of the night with its pale bright skin and thin pink smiling lips, willing to grab your legs and pull you down. Scary, right? Well, we say don’t panic- all you need is some expert advice, and you will be safe. So, here I try to explain what you should do when you see a ghost.

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Imagine a dark, cloudy night. You live in the countryside, far away from the glitters of the town. Where you live, there are open spaces everywhere, and there is at least a distance of some hundred meters between two houses. A bird eye’s view would describe the ambiance as 19th-century house designs with chimneys, forests, and land plotted for cultivation, and grass and green. In this place where you live, it had been raining all day, which finally stopped during the evening. But there still are remnants of some platter sounds.

The air is chilled, and anyone outdoors would be shivering. You are alone in your two-storied house; there is no one in the building whatsoever, and everything is empty. Inside your dimly lit room, you are on your bed, half of your body inside the blanket, and you have a book in your hands. You feel little weird; it’s that type of feeling when you think you are in peace, but you are also feeling scared at the same time. The scariness inside you; it is there for no reason. At least, none to be explained. As you silently read a novel, it feels like the world is mute and there is a sound of thunder when you turn pages. Anyway, your subconscious mind does notice the sound of some dog barks which almost feel like they are coming from a mile away.


Suddenly, you hear a knock downstairs. A hard bash to say, something like when someone hits a door with a wooden stick. You let it go, thinking it is just a cat. The sound repeats. This time it is a bigger one. Third sound. A little mild, quieter than from the first two times. Suddenly, you realize that the only cat (synonym) in your house is you. Anyway, the series of unexplained sound isn’t ceasing, and this time it is repeated taps which get louder and louder the next instant. Well, it is someone’s footsteps! Someone is climbing your stairs!! The sound of the footsteps stops just outside your door.

Even if all the doors are closed, you feel a gust of wind pass by. Your inside knows something is wrong. You hold your breath, trying your utmost to not make a sound. You are careful not to twitch or turn, for it feels like the noise that comes when your clothes meet with the blanket is worst enough. So, you just stay there, unmoved and untouched, still as a statue. Then everything stops. A void. Or not void let’s say, as because the way your heart is beating is like someone playing drums, it’s like your chest is about to burst out in any moment.

You can feel its existence. Outside it is, ready to attack you at any time. Anyway, you know that if you stay still and remain in silence, it is not going to take any action.

Suddenly you fart. You fart so loud that it must be the loudest fart that you have ever farted. Then there it comes; your door is creaking. It slowly opens and you can see something form a little opening. Another heavy push to the door and it bursts open. A Ghost!!!!! Long black hair, white dress, blah blah. It is the scariest ghost you have ever seen. Or rather, the scariest ghost you will ever see. However, you imagine it to be like, it is fine.

So, what do you do? Well, here are some things that you can do when you see a ghost.


Or rather, try to scream. When you see a ghost, it might be hard for you to scream. As sound doesn’t come out of your mouth. Lmfao, it seems like you are opening your mouth and choking because of air in your throat. But if you do manage to scream, try to make it something that is going to scare the shit out of the ghost.


Don’t say Help when you scream. Who’s help? Why would you even say help for? Who is supposed to help you against a ghost? How are they even going to help you from a ghost? Get a red clothe and say thoro thoro and make the ghost run towards them as you get a chance to get out of there?

As we said, you are alone in your house. Anyway, even if there was Mike Tyson on the other room, he would flee if he were to see the weird stuff going in your room. One man that can save you is Jesus or any God that you follow. Only they are strong enough to save you from it. So, try to say their names instead of saying other words. Don’t say dad, don’t say mom, don’t say police and don’t say fuck. You might as well scare the ghost away.

Run Away

Do this as fast as you can. Get out of the house, run as if you are competing for an Olympic gold medal and the entire nation is rooting for you. Or try to run as if you stole the food of the neighbor’s dog and it is chasing you.
While running, make sure that you are not only thinking about the ghost. There might be bumps on the road which you should be careful about. As if you fall, it will be all over. So, try to run as fast as possible without tripping or falling.

Tell the Ghost How Sad You Have Been Because You Are All Alone and Thank It for Being There for You

Well, everything doesn’t have to be negative. The same goes for the time you see a ghost. Make friends 😊. As there’s a huge change that you are a depressed piece of shit, you should be thankful that someone came for you. Only for you. So, ask the ghosts name, and then tell it yours. Ask it how it is going and make it a coffee. Anything is fine, as long as it’s fun.

Party with The Ghost

Do you know why most of the ghosts come for you? It is because like we said before, it finds something with you in common. Both of you are lonely. So, when a ghost comes to you or you see a ghost, it is not that the ghost wants to kill you so that you two be together in a different plane. You could bring some booze, hit a piece of rock music, or some rap beats and freestyle together, have the best time in your life with the ghost.

Eat Chips and Smile

Why? Well, you don’t need any reason to eat chips. Also, you don’t need a reason to smile. So, you can eat chips even if you see a ghost. Or if you don’t see a ghost, nothing matters.

Well, that was it. There were some things you could do if you see a ghost. So, next time, instead of asking are ghosts real, remember this blog that you just read. And if you are on the season, we have also accumulated some reasons because of which you are still a single dude in valentine’s day 2019. And also tell us what you want to read the next time.

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